Bitcoin Back in Business: Analyst Predicts $100,000 Surge by Q4 2024

Bitcoin Bulls

As cryptocurrency markets emerge from the depths of the crypto winter, Bitcoin, the original digital asset, is once again capturing investor attention. After a brief dip to $57,000, Bitcoin has displayed impressive resilience, currently hovering around the $61,000 mark. This positive trend has prominent crypto analyst Stockmoney Lizards predicting a significant price surge for Bitcoin by the end of 2024.

Q4 Target: Six Figures for Bitcoin?

Stockmoney Lizards recently took to Twitter, outlining a bullish roadmap for Bitcoin’s future. Their analysis suggests significant potential for price appreciation in the coming years. The prediction? A powerful rally culminating in a potential new all-time high of $100,000 by Q4 2024. However, Lizards also anticipates a potential “end-of-summer correction” before the rally kicks in, potentially creating a healthy market environment for the long term.

Halving’s Impact: Less Supply, More Demand?

Bitcoin’s recent price action coincides with the highly anticipated fourth halving event, a significant milestone that cuts the block reward for miners in half. This reduction, from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC, underscores Bitcoin’s core economic model – one designed to limit new coin issuance over time. This creates a scenario of diminishing supply, potentially pushing prices upwards as demand remains steady or increases.

Beyond $100,000: A Parabolic Trajectory?

Lizards’ analysis goes even further, suggesting a potential parabolic run for Bitcoin after reaching $100,000. Their forecast envisions the price reaching a staggering $150,000 to $250,000 by early 2026. It’s important to remember that such forecasts are inherently speculative and influenced by ongoing market sentiment and future developments within the cryptocurrency space.

Current Market Snapshot

At the time of writing, Bitcoin sits at around $$61,976.51, reflecting a slight dip over the past 24 hours. Despite this minor setback, Bitcoin maintains a dominant market position with a colossal market capitalization exceeding $1.2 trillion. This underscores the enduring value and influence of the world’s first cryptocurrency.

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While the future remains uncertain, Bitcoin’s recent price action and predictions like Lizards’ offer a glimpse of optimism for investors. Only time will tell if Bitcoin can recapture its past glory and reach new heights in the coming years.

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