XRP Price Prediction: Analyst Says CPI Could Spark 22.5% Surge, But Will it Match Toncoin’s 263% Gain?


XRP, the cryptocurrency often overshadowed by its peers, could be on the verge of a significant price jump, according to industry commentators. Evai CEO Matthew Dixon has ignited a spark of optimism, suggesting the “sleeping giant” might finally awaken in response to the upcoming U.S. Consumer Price Index (CPI) report.

Dixon highlights XRP’s underwhelming performance compared to other cryptocurrencies. While the broader market has seen impressive gains, XRP has only managed a modest 18.7% increase since last year. In contrast, its competitor Toncoin (TON) boasts a staggering 263% growth during the same period.

CPI Report: A Potential Catalyst?

The upcoming release of the April CPI report on May 15th has become a focal point for Dixon. The CPI measures inflation by tracking the average price of a basket of goods and services. A higher-than-expected CPI report can trigger a sell-off in risk assets, including cryptocurrencies. However, a lower-than-anticipated report could boost market sentiment and trigger a price surge.

Dixon believes the CPI report could be the key that unlocks XRP’s potential. A positive outcome could propel the “sleeping giant” to new heights.

Short-Term Rally or Long-Term Awakening?

Specifically, Dixon predicts the CPI data could trigger a short-term rally, pushing XRP to $0.62. This price point hasn’t been seen since mid-April, offering a potential 22.5% increase from its current price of $0.5071.

While some crypto enthusiasts agree with the potential for a CPI-driven rally, they question whether a surge to $0.62 constitutes a true awakening of the “sleeping giant.”

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Technical Analyst Predicts Dramatic Rise

Technical analyst Bobby A offers a more dramatic forecast. He also believes XRP is poised for a significant rise, but ties it to Bitcoin’s performance. A’s prediction hinges on Bitcoin returning to the $72,000 level. In this scenario, A predicts XRP could experience a meteoric rise of 2,463.59%, reaching a price of $13.

While the future trajectory of XRP remains uncertain, the upcoming CPI report and analyst predictions have injected a dose of optimism into the XRP community. Whether XRP experiences a short-term jump or a more sustained awakening, all eyes will be on the economic data and its impact on the cryptocurrency market.

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