Shytoshi Kusama: “Shiba Inu’s Still a Puppy with Big Dreams” – Global Tour Planned to Unleash Potential

Shytoshi Kusama, the anonymous lead developer behind the Shiba Inu ecosystem, recently likened the SHIB token to a wide-eyed puppy, implying it’s just getting started. This analogy emerged during a conversation Kusama had with a Maiko, a Geisha apprentice, while visiting Kyoto, Japan.

Learning From the Maiko’s Journey

Kusama was struck by the Maiko’s dedication to her art. Becoming a Geisha is a years-long process demanding patience, discipline, and a constant pursuit of mastery. Despite being early in her training, the Maiko already commands a degree of respect and recognition.

This experience mirrored Kusama’s view of SHIB. While the token has achieved remarkable success, ranking among the top 10 cryptocurrencies, Kusama believes it’s still in its early stages. He emphasizes that Shiba Inu has grown organically, with minimal marketing spend, thanks to its strong decentralized foundation.

Spreading the Word: A Global Tour

However, Kusama acknowledges that many still lack a deep understanding of Shiba Inu’s history and values. To address this, he announced a global tour alongside the Shiba Isnu team. The tour aims to connect with influential figures like investors, celebrities, and businesses exploring the transition from Web2 to Web3 (the decentralized internet).

“We’ve made significant progress this past year,” Kusama remarked, “alongside developing a robust Shiba-themed technology stack. This tour will showcase our commitment to the ShibArmy [SHIB community] and the world.”

The tour, which kicked off in Kyoto, will see the team visit India, Canada, and Thailand, fostering a deeper understanding of the Shiba Inu ecosystem’s potential.

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