Leading Banks Dive into Tokenization: Chainlink Exec Reveals Real-World Adoption is Already Happening

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While the concept of tokenizing real-world assets (RWAs) might seem futuristic, Chainlink Labs’ Head of Business Development for Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, Niki Ariyasinghe, assures us it’s not just speculation – it’s already happening. Leading banks worldwide are actively preparing for this transformative shift, moving beyond pilot programs and laying the groundwork for trillions of dollars in tokenized assets.

From Pilots to Production: Real Transactions, Real Impact

Ariyasinghe, Head of Business Development for Asia-Pacific and the Middle East at Chainlink Labs, shared this exciting news during a recent talk. He emphasized the industry’s shift from pilot programs to full-scale production deployments, indicating a real commitment to tokenization.

This isn’t just talk. Leading banks are actively building platforms to support trillions of dollars in tokenized assets, transitioning from successful testnets to live mainnet deployments. Take Broadridge, for example, with their blockchain-based repo platform handling a staggering $70 billion in daily transactions. This is a tangible example of blockchain’s impact, showcasing a future where real-world assets (RWAs) become increasingly digitalized across various sectors.

Chainlink: Powering the Tokenization Engine

Chainlink plays a crucial role in this transformation, providing a platform that integrates data, computation, and cross-chain functionalities. This is essential to unlock the full potential of tokenized assets. Over 40 institutions worldwide, including financial giants like Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and HSBC, are already working with Chainlink Labs to build platforms for real-world transactions with real value on the blockchain.

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The Future is Tokenized: A Gradual Rise to a Blockchain Surge

Ariyasinghe predicts a gradual build-up over the next few years, followed by a surge in vertical-specific activities post-2026. This will lead to significant volumes of transactions moving onto blockchain platforms, marking a new era where blockchain and tokenization become ingrained in global financial systems.

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