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Web3 Revolution: Base and Chainlink Join Forces to Build the Future of Smart Contracts

Coinbase’s Ethereum Layer 2 network, Base, is soaring to new heights thanks to its integration with Chainlink Automation as reported on Jan 23. This powerful combination promises to unlock a new era of developer capabilities, paving the way for more scalable, secure, and cost-effective smart contracts.

Chainlink Automation: The Secret Weapon

Chainlink Automation brings a game-changing set of tools to Base developers. Picture a 90% reduction in gas fees while maintaining the highest blockchain standards. This opens doors to executing resource-intensive tasks off-chain, freeing up Base’s resources for more complex applications.

But Chainlink’s magic doesn’t stop there. It also acts as a powerful messaging bus, connecting multiple dApps to smart contracts seamlessly. Think of it as a Web3-powered communication hub that simplifies development and enhances user experiences.

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Empowering Developers, Building the Future:

This integration aligns perfectly with Chainlink’s existing presence on Base, including Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) and Data Feeds. Together, they create a one-stop shop for developers to build sophisticated, highly scalable applications.

Jesse Pollak, Base Creator and Head of Protocols at Coinbase, is excited about the possibilities. He believes offloading tasks to Chainlink will significantly broaden the scope of use cases for Base developers, paving the way for innovative and groundbreaking applications.

Base: A Rising Star in the L2 Galaxy:

Launched by Coinbase, Base has already earned its place among the leading Layer 2 networks. Its rapid community adoption has led to a peak Total Value Locked (TVL) of almost $400 million, and its thriving ecosystem boasts over 200 protocols and an average of 3.59 transactions per second.

Base TVL – DeFiLlama data

Johann Eid, Chief Business Officer at Chainlink Labs, sees this partnership as a key step towards a verifiable web revolution. He believes the combined power of Base and Chainlink will fuel the development of next-generation Web3 experiences and accelerate the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology.

The Future is Bright:

With Chainlink Automation taking flight on Base, the future of Web3 development looks bright. Developers have access to unprecedented power, scalability, and security, opening doors to a new wave of innovative applications and experiences. Buckle up, the journey is just beginning!

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