Crypto Market May 2024: Ethereum ETF Soars, Stablecoins Diverge & Meme Coins Make a Comeback (KuCoin Report)

The cryptocurrency market displayed a mix of recovery and evolution in May 2024, according to a recent report by KuCoin Research. Key regulatory developments, shifting market trends, and the emergence of new technologies all played a role in shaping the month’s activity.

SEC Approves Spot Ethereum ETF, Boosting Confidence

A significant catalyst for market confidence was the unexpected approval of a Spot Ethereum ETF by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This landmark decision, coupled with a strong performance in the U.S. stock market and rising interest in tech stocks, fueled a rebound in major cryptocurrencies.

Stablecoin Market Sees Diverging Trends

However, the recovery wasn’t uniform across all sectors. The stablecoin market, a key component of the crypto ecosystem, saw mixed results. While total issuance of fiat-backed stablecoins remained flat, declines in USDC and FDUSD were offset by a surge in USDe issuance, suggesting a shift in user preferences.

Ethereum Layer 2: Growth Beyond Price

The Ethereum Layer 2 scene also presented a fascinating picture. Despite a significant increase in the price of ETH, the total value locked (TVL) in ETH-denominated Layer 2 solutions actually declined. This suggests that activity and user engagement may not have fully kept pace with rising prices. Notably, Layer 2 platforms like Base and Linea bucked this trend, attracting new inflows.

Shifting Narratives: MEME Coins and Restaking Take Center Stage

The previously dominant narratives around high-performance blockchains and low fees appear to be losing momentum. Market participants are increasingly drawn to MEME coins and “restaking” models offering consistent returns.

Combating Sybil Attacks: Projects Prioritize Long-Term Growth

To ensure token distributions reach users who actively contribute to the ecosystem, major crypto projects are implementing stricter measures to identify and prevent Sybil attacks – a tactic where users create multiple accounts to inflate their influence. LayerZero Labs’ “Self-Report Sybil Activity” program incentivizes users to report suspicious activity, exemplifying this trend.

Regulatory Landscape: Progress with Nuance

The regulatory landscape also saw movement in May. The U.S. House of Representatives passed the “Financial Innovation and Technology for the 21st Century Act,” aiming to establish a comprehensive framework for digital assets. However, full implementation is likely a long road requiring collaboration between multiple agencies. Additionally, Hong Kong granted licenses to cryptocurrency exchanges and Türkiye is preparing legislation to regulate crypto trading and taxation.

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Venture Funding Remains Strong Despite Slight Dip

While the number and total value of venture funding deals in the crypto space decreased slightly compared to April, overall investment remained significantly higher than 2023 levels. Areas like liquid staking derivatives, modular blockchain designs, and Layer 2 scaling solutions continue to attract significant interest from venture capitalists.


May 2024 marked a period of both revival and maturation for the cryptocurrency market. Regulatory developments, evolving market dynamics, and the rise of new technologies all indicate a crypto ecosystem moving towards a more stable and user-focused future.

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