Crypto Clash: SEC & Yellen’s Conflicting Views Fuel Ripple & Coinbase’s Legal Battles

The ongoing legal battles between Ripple and Coinbase against the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have taken an interesting turn, highlighting conflicting messages within the US government regarding crypto regulation. This ambiguity could potentially benefit both companies in their fight against the SEC.

Ripple’s CLO Points Out Regulatory Contradiction:

Stuart Alderoty, Chief Legal Officer at Ripple, recently drew attention to the contrasting positions taken by the SEC and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on crypto regulation. While the SEC, in the Coinbase case, referred to crypto as a “rounding error” and claimed it falls under their existing authority, Yellen stressed the need for legislation to address regulatory gaps. This inconsistency, according to Alderoty, creates confusion and underlines the need for a unified approach from US regulators.

Coinbase Faces Scrutiny Over Songbird Controversy:

Adding another layer to the legal drama, Coinbase came under fire from lawyer Fred Rispoli, who accused the exchange of converting customer Songbird (SGB) tokens into their own possession, similar to a previous incident. This accusation, coupled with ongoing litigation against Coinbase by Rispoli’s firm and his close following of the Ripple vs SEC case, suggests potential strategic maneuvering against the exchange.

Lawyer Bill Morgan, known for his insights on the Ripple case, also voiced his disapproval of Coinbase’s handling of SGB tokens, stating they shouldn’t retain tokens not intended for them. This suggests potential legal challenges against Coinbase based on “unjust enrichment” principles.

Implications for Both Companies:

These conflicting statements and accusations present opportunities for both Ripple and Coinbase in their respective lawsuits. They can leverage the lack of regulatory clarity and the inconsistency within the US government to argue for unfair treatment in the absence of clear legal frameworks. This could potentially strengthen their positions and complicate the SEC’s cases.

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The Road Ahead:

The crypto regulatory landscape in the US remains murky, with conflicting views and ongoing legal battles. While the Ripple and Coinbase cases might benefit from this ambiguity in the short term, a clear and unified regulatory approach is crucial for the long-term health and stability of the crypto industry.

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