Breaking: Polygon Proposes PoS Conversion to Revolutionary zkEVM Validium L2

The engineering team at Polygon Labs has recently put forward a proposal to upgrade the Polygon Proof-of-Stake (PoS) sidechain to a revolutionary protocol known as ‘zkEVM Validium’. This upgrade aims to transform the Polygon PoS into an Ethereum-secured Layer 2 network that leverages zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs for enhanced decentralization.

Aligning Polygon PoS with Polygon 2.0 Vision

The introduction of Polygon 2.0 marked a significant milestone for the protocol, as it presented a vision for unlimited scalability and unified liquidity. The proposed upgrade of the Polygon PoS to zkEVM Validium aligns with this vision, ensuring a more secure and high-performing sidechain. Polygon 2.0 plans to integrate Polygon’s in-house zkEVM to bolster security, improve performance, minimize fees, and maintain scalability.

The proposal is currently awaiting acceptance and approval. If greenlit, the upgrade is expected to be rolled out on the mainnet by the first quarter of 2024. This upgrade holds immense potential, as it would seamlessly migrate Polygon PoS, with its $2 billion in assets, millions of users, and thousands of apps, to this cutting-edge technology.

Coexistence of zkEVM and Upgraded Polygon PoS

It’s worth noting that this upgrade differs from the zkEVM protocol that Polygon Labs previously launched on the mainnet a few months ago. The upgraded Polygon PoS and the existing zkEVM will coexist within the ecosystem. The chain will continue to be operated by the existing MATIC staking validators, ensuring continuity and familiarity.

While Polygon PoS has already established a strong ecosystem, it currently relies on validators for security, lacking the added layer of ZK Proofs. The proposed upgrade seeks to bridge this gap and unify Polygon PoS with other ecosystems by embracing ZK Proofs. This move will enable Polygon PoS to achieve interoperability with other chains within the broader crypto ecosystem.

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The upgraded Polygon PoS will seamlessly fit into the Polygon 2.0 vision, requiring no major alterations for users and developers. This ensures a smooth transition and allows stakeholders to continue building and utilizing Polygon’s platform with enhanced security and scalability.

In summary, the proposal to upgrade Polygon PoS to zkEVM Validium highlights the protocol’s commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation. If approved, this upgrade will solidify Polygon’s position as a leading player in the blockchain industry, offering users and developers an even more robust and efficient platform.

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