Bitfinex Teams Up with Hidden Road: 39% of Family Offices Eye Crypto Entry – Will This Partnership Unlock Institutional Floodgates?

Crypto exchange Bitfinex is making a strategic move to attract more institutional investors by partnering with global credit network Hidden Road. This collaboration will grant Hidden Road’s institutional clientele direct access to Bitfinex’s extensive digital asset offerings.

“We are excited to welcome Hidden Road and their esteemed customers to Bitfinex, the most resilient digital asset exchange platform available,” said Bill Brindise, Head of Business Development at Bitfinex. “Bitfinex prides itself on providing cutting-edge trading features, deep liquidity, and a vast array of trading pairs, all underpinned by a robust infrastructure bolstered by stringent security measures. We are confident that Hidden Road’s clients will find value in exploring our diverse product suite designed to empower institutional and professional investors with exposure to the digital asset market.”

Hidden Road caters to institutional clients such as hedge funds and proprietary trading desks. This partnership significantly enhances Hidden Road’s digital asset trading capabilities, allowing them to offer their clients a wider range of crypto exposure options. Bitfinex, known for its robust derivatives offerings, expands the possibilities for institutional investors seeking sophisticated ways to participate in the crypto market.

“Hidden Road is dedicated to equipping our clients with cutting-edge technology and streamlined workflows for a seamless experience across all products and asset classes on our platform, including digital assets,” commented Michael Higgins, Global Head of Business Development at Hidden Road. “The integration with Bitfinex aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing greater access and choice. We are delighted to offer our counterparties access to this premier venue.”

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The institutional appetite for crypto is demonstrably on the rise. A recent BNY Mellon Wealth Management Study revealed that 39% of surveyed family offices are already actively investing in crypto or seriously considering it. Furthermore, data from Statista indicates that a significant portion (76%) of hedge funds had at least 1% of their portfolio allocated to crypto assets in the previous year.

This partnership between Bitfinex and Hidden Road signifies a strategic move to capitalize on the growing institutional interest in the ever-evolving digital asset landscape. By combining Hidden Road’s established network with Bitfinex’s deep liquidity and advanced trading features, the collaboration opens doors for a new wave of institutional investors to enter the crypto market.

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