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Beijing Strengthens Energy Conservation Efforts with Targeted Crypto Mining Crackdown

In a bid to bolster energy conservation measures, Beijing has unveiled a revamped plan aimed at curbing cryptocurrency mining activities, signaling a strategic move towards a greener future. The Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, in collaboration with 11 other departments, has issued a comprehensive notice outlining stringent actions to rein in energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Focused Approach to Crypto Mining Regulation

The updated implementation plan underscores a dual control system emphasizing energy conservation and carbon emission reduction. Notably, this directive takes a more targeted approach compared to the broad anti-cryptocurrency measures already in place across China. With crypto mining notorious for its substantial energy usage, Beijing’s latest measures signify a shift towards a more focused and rigorous crackdown on such operations.

This aligns with the nation’s broader goals of reducing pollution, promoting green expansion, and fostering technological and energy innovation.

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Under the plan’s provisions, authorities are set to enhance monitoring, analysis, and rectification of mining activities, aiming to decisively eliminate virtual currency mining operations in line with national directives. This granular approach is expected to drive mining operations either underground or offshore as China endeavors to achieve its energy efficiency and carbon neutrality targets.

Global Efforts in Environmental Conservation

Beijing’s move comes amidst a global push for environmental conservation within the cryptocurrency industry. Following China’s initial ban on crypto mining in 2021, many operations shifted to countries like the United States, drawn by favorable energy costs and regulatory environments. In response, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) has announced a proactive initiative to scrutinize the power consumption of cryptocurrency mining facilities.

Set to launch imminently, this initiative aims to collect detailed data on the energy usage of commercial crypto miners, providing insights into the sector’s impact on the country’s energy landscape. Endorsed by the White House Office of Management and Budget, this effort underscores growing concerns over the ecological footprint of crypto mining. As the digital currency industry evolves, with a focus on areas offering favorable energy conditions and regulatory frameworks, comprehensive data collection efforts seek to inform policymakers and facilitate transparent regulatory discourse on energy use.

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