XRP Price Poised to Return to $1.5 (140% Surge) by 2025, Changelly Forecast Ignites Bullish Outlook


Holders of XRP, the token associated with Ripple Labs, have reason to be cautiously optimistic. After lingering below $1 since November 2021, a new forecast from Changelly suggests the token could retest the $1.5 mark by 2025.

This news comes after XRP’s price struggles. Despite several attempts, the token’s highest post-November 2021 point was $0.93, reached following Ripple’s partial legal victory against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last July.

However, analysts remain confident in XRP’s long-term potential, with Changelly’s forecast offering a specific timeline for a potential $1.5 comeback.

When Could XRP Hit $1.5?

Changelly pinpoints late April 2021 as the last time XRP consistently traded around $1.5. Their forecast suggests a similar price range could be achievable by 2025. The platform predicts a minimum price of $1.39 and a maximum of $1.69 for XRP in that year. The sweet spot, according to Changelly, could be a retest of the coveted $1.5 mark, with an average projected price of $1.44.

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Beyond $1.5: Higher XRP Price Predictions

While the token currently hovers around $0.6254, Changelly predicts it could reach a staggering $629 by 2040. This long-term growth is potentially fueled by factors like wider adoption of XRP as a payment method.

Technical analysts like Cryptobilbuwoo add to the optimistic outlook, suggesting XRP could see even higher valuations in the long run, potentially reaching $50.

While these long-term predictions are ambitious, Changelly’s 2025 forecast offers a more immediate target for XRP bulls. As the ongoing legal battle with the SEC nears its conclusion, all eyes will be on whether XRP can recapture past glories and climb back towards the $1.5 mark.

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