Uniswap Labs Gobbles Up Popular Crypto Game ($UNI Up 4.5%): Making DeFi Fun with Gamification

Uniswap Labs recently acquired the wildly popular on-chain survival game, Crypto: The Game (CTG). This strategic acquisition comes on the heels of CTG’s record-breaking second season, where all 800 available slots sold out within a mere 13 minutes.

Uniswap Labs Sets Sights on Making DeFi Fun

Mary-Catherine Lader, COO at Uniswap Labs, highlighted the company’s dedication to fostering engaging and enjoyable experiences within the blockchain space. The exact acquisition price remains undisclosed, but it reportedly involves a combination of cash, tokens, and equity. Notably, the CTG founders will join the Uniswap Labs team, bringing their expertise to bear on the development of season three and future crypto-centric interactive experiences.

While Uniswap clarifies that CTG won’t solely serve as a promotional platform for its products, the acquisition signifies a clear intent to leverage the game’s immense popularity. Inspired by reality TV shows like Survivor, CTG offers an interactive experience where contestants vie for a grand prize by participating in daily challenges and strategic voting.

Building a Crypto Community Through Gamified DeFi

Uniswap Labs’ sponsorship of a challenge in season two, alongside partners like Adidas and Wormhole, underscores the potential of CTG to attract new users to the cryptocurrency world. The game has garnered a devoted following within the crypto community, with enthusiasts actively following developments across various platforms. Interestingly, CTG has also managed to capture the attention of newcomers (often referred to as “normies”), potentially acting as a gateway to the world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

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Uniswap’s UNI Token Sees Upward Trend

The acquisition news coincided with a significant rise in the price of Uniswap’s UNI token. UNI witnessed a 4.5% surge following the announcement, adding to a remarkable 7% increase in the past week. This upward trend contributes to an overall 45% price increase for UNI over the last month, indicating a positive market response to Uniswap Labs’ strategic move.

The Future of Blockchain Gaming

The acquisition of CTG by Uniswap Labs marks a significant step towards mainstream adoption of blockchain technology through interactive and engaging experiences. With CTG’s “cult-like” following and Uniswap’s established presence in DeFi, this collaboration has the potential to redefine how users interact with and explore the exciting world of cryptocurrency.

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