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Starknet’s Big Airdrop: 700M+ STRK Tokens to 1.3 Million Addresses This February!

The Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution, Starknet, is set to ignite excitement with a massive airdrop on February 20th, 2024. Over 700 million STRK tokens, valued at a potential $1.29 billion based on pre-market estimates, will be distributed to a whopping 1.3 million addresses. This landmark event marks the first phase of Starknet’s Provisions Program, aimed at decentralizing governance and rewarding its early supporters.

Who’s Eligible?

The airdrop targets a diverse group of contributors who helped build the Starknet ecosystem, including:

  • Early users: 506,896 addresses that interacted with Starknet dApps before the airdrop announcement.
  • ETH stakers: 19,006 addresses participating in Ethereum staking.
  • Open-source developers: 137,256 individuals who contributed code to Starknet projects.
  • EIP authors: 695 individuals who proposed and implemented Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs).
  • Ethereum developers: 13,432 individuals contributing to the Ethereum ecosystem.
  • Ethereum Guild members: 160 active members of the Ethereum Foundation’s developer community.
  • StarkEx users: 622,996 users of the StarkEx decentralized exchange.
  • Starknet developers: 1,540 individuals building applications on Starknet.
  • Starknet ECMP members: 2,098 participants in the Early Community Member Program.

Eligible addresses can check their claim amount on the Provisions portal starting February 20th. Unclaimed tokens will be moved to a pool for future airdrop rounds, ensuring wider community participation.

What’s the Impact?

This massive airdrop has the potential to significantly impact the crypto landscape:

  • Increased awareness: Exposing 1.3 million addresses to STRK could boost adoption and attract new users to the Starknet ecosystem.
  • Decentralized governance: Distributing tokens to developers and users lays the groundwork for a more decentralized governance structure.
  • Liquidity and price discovery: The airdrop paves the way for trading and price discovery of STRK on secondary markets.

Caution and Excitement:

While the airdrop offers a unique opportunity, it’s crucial to exercise caution. Users should only access their claims through official Starknet channels and beware of potential scams.

The Starknet airdrop represents a bold move towards a more decentralized and user-centric future. As the tokens begin circulating, it will be fascinating to see how this event shapes the trajectory of the Ethereum Layer 2 ecosystem.

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