Ripple’s Leap of Faith: XRPL Community Backs Smart Contracts with 93% Vote


The XRP community has spoken, and the message is loud and clear: they want smart contracts. A recent poll conducted by an XRP ambassador revealed overwhelming support (93.6%) for integrating the Hooks proposal, which would bring native smart contracts to the XRP Ledger (XRPL). This development marks a significant step in the ongoing evolution of the XRPL, but it also raises questions about potential risks and trade-offs.

Community Backs Hooks, Paving the Way for Smart Contracts:

Conducted on social media platform X, the poll garnered over 11,000 votes, exceeding the required 10,000 for further consideration. This overwhelming support demonstrates the community’s enthusiasm for advanced functionalities like smart contracts, which can automate processes and enable decentralized applications (dApps).

Next Steps: Integration and Formal Vote: Richard Holland, CTO of XRPL Labs and the architect behind Hooks, outlined the next steps: integrating the proposal into the Rippled codebase and holding a formal vote. The community’s strong backing provides a green light for this process to move forward.

Concerns and Considerations: While the support for Hooks is undeniable, there are voices of caution. Critics, including Ripple’s CTO David Schwartz, worry that introducing smart contracts could transform the XRPL into a network resembling Ethereum, potentially deviating from its core function as a fast and efficient payment system. These concerns highlight the delicate balance between innovation and preserving the core attributes that have made the XRPL successful.

Despite these concerns, the community’s eagerness to explore new frontiers is evident. Richard Holland has called on the RippleX team to provide engineering and financial support, emphasizing the need for collaboration to bring Hooks to fruition.

Beyond Hooks: A Strong Q4 for XRPL:

The smart contracts debate unfolds against the backdrop of a strong Q4 for XRPL. According to a Messari report, XRP emerged as the sixth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, boasting significant year-over-year growth. This surge is attributed to strategic token distribution and a notable price spike. Additionally, the XRPL concluded its legal battle with the SEC, further solidifying its position in the market. While active addresses decreased, transactions on the XRPL saw a healthy 22.7% increase, highlighting ongoing network activity.

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The Future of XRPL: A Balancing Act: As the XRPL community embraces new possibilities with Hooks, carefully navigating the potential risks and ensuring alignment with its core strengths will be crucial. This balancing act will determine the success of this upcoming evolution and the future trajectory of the XRPL.

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