Ripple vs. SEC Heats Up as Judge Grants SEC Access to Post-Complaint Documents

The ongoing legal battle between the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple Labs has taken a turn, with Judge Sarah Netburn granting the SEC’s Motion to Compel. This crucial decision allows the SEC access to crucial post-complaint documents, potentially reshaping the trajectory and outcome of the case.

Judge Netburn’s Ruling

The SEC had filed a Motion to Compel, seeking access to crucial documents including 2022/2023 financial statements, post-complaint contracts governing XRP sales to institutional investors, and information regarding the amount of XRP institutional sales proceeds following the complaint. Judge Netburn responded by granting the motion, citing relevant legal precedents.

Regarding the financial statements, Judge Netburn emphasized the importance of considering a defendant’s wealth in determining penalties, citing past cases such as SEC v Rajaratnam. Additionally, she acknowledged the SEC’s argument that post-complaint conduct could influence the necessity of an injunction, in line with Vacold LLC v Cerami.

Impact on SEC v Ripple Case and Post-Complaint Activity

The ruling holds significant implications for the SEC v Ripple case and subsequent proceedings. It enables the SEC to delve deeper into Ripple’s post-complaint activities, potentially affecting the magnitude of penalties imposed. However, it’s crucial to note that the ruling doesn’t automatically guarantee a more punitive penalty.

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Moving forward, both parties face deadlines for filing remedy-related briefs, with the SEC required to demonstrate Ripple’s continued violation of securities laws and the proceeds from illegal activities post-complaint. Ripple, on the other hand, can utilize U.S. case law to present arguments against overly punitive penalties, including exemptions for sales to accredited investors.


As the legal battle between the SEC and Ripple intensifies, Judge Netburn’s ruling marks a significant juncture in the case. The decision to grant the SEC’s Motion to Compel provides the regulatory body with access to critical post-complaint documents, potentially shaping the outcome of the case. However, the final resolution remains uncertain, with both parties gearing up for a rigorous legal battle ahead. Stay tuned for further updates as the SEC v Ripple saga unfolds.

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