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Fake Discord Server Dupes Users, Leading to $880k Loss in Across Protocol Scam

The cryptocurrency community is on high alert after a sophisticated scam targeting Across Protocol users netted $880,000 via a fake Discord server. This incident highlights the growing prevalence of social engineering attacks in the crypto space and underscores the importance of vigilance for investors.

The Bait:

The scam involved a seemingly innocuous link embedded within Across Protocol’s official documentation. This link, upon clicking, directed unsuspecting users to a meticulously crafted fake Discord server masquerading as the protocol’s official channel. The perpetrators leveraged the platform’s familiarity and trust to lure victims into a carefully constructed trap.

The Trap:

Once inside the fake server, users were likely exposed to malicious information and potentially interacted with compromised bots or actors posing as legitimate support staff. This could have involved phishing attempts to steal sensitive login credentials or deceptive tactics to induce users into signing fraudulent transactions, ultimately leading to the loss of their funds.

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The Aftermath:

Crypto sleuth ZachXBT sounded the alarm about this vulnerability, prompting Across Protocol to acknowledge the existence of the fake server. While the full extent of the losses remains undisclosed, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the ever-present threat of online scams.

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