Euro Stablecoins Poised To Dominate: How MiCA Is Reshaping The European Crypto Market

The European crypto market is facing a regulatory shift, and it’s impacting how people hold and trade digital assets. According to digital asset analytics firm Kaiko, the use of Euro-pegged Stablecoins is surging in anticipation of the Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulations coming into effect later this month.

MiCA, a landmark piece of legislation passed in 2023, aims to create a harmonized framework for cryptocurrency regulation across the European Union. This includes strict guidelines for stablecoins, digital assets designed to maintain a steady price relative to a fiat currency, like the Euro.

“The impending MiCA regulations are poised to significantly impact the European stablecoin market,” says Kaiko in a recent report. Major crypto exchanges like Binance have already announced plans to restrict trading of stablecoins that don’t comply with MiCA standards. This suggests that non-compliant stablecoins could be delisted for European users, further driving demand towards MiCA-approved options.

This regulatory push seems to be a boon for Euro-backed stablecoins that meet MiCA’s requirements. Kaiko’s report highlights a significant rise in their usage. While Euro stablecoins have historically seen lower volumes compared to their dollar-pegged counterparts, “their average weekly volume in 2024 was $270 billion, a staggering 70 times higher than in previous years.”

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While the overall percentage of transactions using Euro stablecoins remains relatively low (currently at 1.1%), it’s important to note this represents an all-time high, with the figure starting from near zero in 2020. This sharp increase suggests a growing appetite for Euro-backed stablecoins within European markets.

As MiCA regulations come into effect, it’s likely we’ll see a continued rise in Euro stablecoin usage. With stricter compliance requirements, compliant Euro stablecoins could become the dominant players in the European crypto market.

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