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Bitcoin Bull Run Ahead: Morgan Stanley Predicts $100K Surge After 2024 Halving

  • Bitcoin is expected to experience a surge in price following the next halving event, which is scheduled to occur in April 2024.
  • Morgan Stanley predicts that Bitcoin prices could reach $100,000 or more following the cryptocurrency’s next halving event in April 2024.
  • The bank’s bullish outlook is based on increased institutional adoption, regulatory clarity, and the recent agreement between the U.S. Department of Justice and Binance.
  • Morgan Stanley advises its clients to consider allocating a small percentage of their portfolios to Bitcoin as part of a well-diversified investment strategy.

This is according to a report from Morgan Stanley, which has been bullish on Bitcoin for some time now. The report states that the halving event, which will reduce the number of new bitcoins that are created by half, will likely lead to a decrease in supply and an increase in demand for the cryptocurrency. This, in turn, could push the price of Bitcoin significantly higher.

“We believe that the next Bitcoin halving could be a major catalyst for a sustained bull market,” the report states. “The halving will significantly reduce the supply of new bitcoins, which could lead to a sharp increase in price.”

The report also notes that the recent USA-Binance agreement has been a positive development for Bitcoin.

The agreement, which will allow Binance to operate in the United States, is seen as a sign of increasing mainstream adoption of the cryptocurrency. This could also help to boost Bitcoin’s price in the long run.

“The USA-Binance agreement is a significant development for Bitcoin,” the report states. “It shows that regulators are becoming more comfortable with the cryptocurrency, which could lead to increased institutional investment.”

Overall, Morgan Stanley is bullish on Bitcoin and believes that the cryptocurrency has the potential to reach a market capitalization of over $3 trillion by mid-2025.

The report concludes by saying that investors should consider adding Bitcoin to their portfolios.

Investors should note that Bitcoin is a volatile asset and that there is no guarantee that it will continue to appreciate in value. However, the potential rewards for investing in Bitcoin are significant, and investors who are willing to take on some risk could see their portfolios grow substantially over the long term.

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