Base: Coinbase’s Ethereum Layer 2 Network Getting Ready for Launch

In a gripping revelation on May 24, Base unveiled its launch criteria, intensifying the anticipation for the network’s imminent deployment. With an electrifying proclamation, Base declared that safety and security would reign as the paramount concerns in its daring pursuit of the mainnet launch.

Adding to the intrigue, a stark reminder resounded through the corridors of the crypto world: there would be no triumphant unveiling of the Base token. Yet, defying all expectations, a clandestine group known as the ‘degens’ brazenly set in motion a heart-pounding frenzy, inflating the unrelated BASE token when the network’s inception was first announced earlier this year.

The Base Testnet

Since its inception in February, the Base testnet has been undergoing continuous enhancements and trials to ensure its readiness for a triumphant full-scale launch.

Base proudly stands as an Ethereum layer-2 network, meticulously constructed upon the robust foundations of the Optimism OP stack. Its objective is to empower developers with a fortified haven, where they can embark on a journey of crafting decentralized applications securely and economically, seamlessly woven into the very fabric of the blockchain.

Coinbase, driven by an unyielding vision to broaden horizons and kindle prosperity, harbors lofty aspirations for Base. With a resolute mission to foster economic liberation and unlock boundless opportunities, Coinbase envisions Base as an instrument that will illuminate the path to enhanced financial freedom across the globe.

Throughout the testing phase, Base has been put to the test across a diverse array of domains, serving as the foundation for gaming, NFTs, infrastructure, developer tooling, wallets, security, DeFi, oracles, analytics, bridging, payments, DAOs, and social applications.

Coinbase Expands its Territories

Recent reports have surfaced, revealing an exciting collaboration between Coinbase and Bitpanda. This strategic partnership brings together Coinbase, a renowned cryptocurrency exchange, with Bitpanda, an Austrian-based exchange and trading platform. The primary objective of this alliance is to establish seamless connections between Bitpanda’s clients and various banks across Europe, fostering a more accessible and integrated crypto trading experience.

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