Worldcoin’s Mainnet Launch: Get Your $WLD Tokens Today!

Worldcoin, the cryptocurrency project backed by Sam Altman and OpenAI, is set to launch its mainnet and WLD token on Monday, July 24.

The mainnet launch will mark the official start of Worldcoin’s public network, which will allow users to verify their identity using iris scans and earn WLD tokens. WLD tokens can then be used to participate in the Worldcoin protocol, which is designed to provide a decentralized and privacy-preserving digital identity for everyone.

Worldcoin has already been in development for several years, and has been testing its technology in a number of countries. The company has said that it plans to distribute 10 billion WLD tokens to users, with 80% of those going to people in developing countries.

The launch of Worldcoin’s mainnet is a significant milestone for the project, and could have a major impact on the way that people interact with the global financial system. By providing a decentralized and privacy-preserving digital identity, Worldcoin could help to make financial services more accessible to people who have been traditionally excluded.

It remains to be seen how successful Worldcoin will be, but the project has the potential to revolutionize the way that people interact with money.

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