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Whale Watch: Chainlink Sees $900 Million Shopping Spree, Fueling Bullish Bets

Chainlink (LINK), the leading oracle network in the crypto space, is witnessing a whale-sized feeding frenzy. After a year that saw its price soar, deep-pocketed investors have snapped up a staggering 57 million LINK tokens – nearly 10% of the total supply – in a 30-day shopping spree worth almost $900 million.

This bullish activity, tracked by DeFi data platform IntoTheBlock, reveals a long-term bet on Chainlink’s future. But the whales’ appetite wasn’t insatiable. While they chomped down over 8 million LINK in the first two days of January, a price dip spooked them, leading to a temporary selloff of 2 million tokens.

Yet, LINK’s subsequent rebound reignited the whales’ fervor. As the price climbed towards $17 on January 20th, they gobbled up a whopping 20 million tokens, showcasing their renewed confidence in the network’s potential.

This whale-fueled accumulation has a significant impact. Not only does it represent over 10% of Chainlink’s total market cap concentrated in a few hands, but it also indicates a strong long-term commitment. In fact, many whales have moved their LINK off centralized exchanges, suggesting a “HODL” mentality and belief in the token’s trajectory.

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But despite the whale frenzy, Chainlink has been range-bound for a month now, with a meager 2.3% price increase during that period. However, the high volatility, with price swings between $12.9 and $16.7, hints at potential breakouts.

Analysts are optimistic about LINK’s future. Dutch expert Michael van de Poppe predicts a surge to $25-$30, citing repeated resistance tests that he believes will be breached soon.

So, is Chainlink on the cusp of another leg up? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure: the whales are betting big on its future, and their actions are sending a powerful message to the crypto market.

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