Whale Dumps Sink PEPE Price: 69% of Trades Cause Drops, Warns Analyst

The meme-coin market took a hit recently as a major whale’s trading activity triggered a 6% price drop for PEPE tokens. Spot On Chain, a popular blockchain analytics platform, raised concerns after uncovering a troubling trend involving a well-known multi-signature address (0x1a2).

Whale ‘s Big Move, Big Losses

Just 13 hours ago, this whale deposited a whopping 457.9 billion PEPE tokens, valued at roughly $4.54 million, onto the Binance exchange. This move, seemingly intended to curb the token’s decline, had the opposite effect, causing an immediate 6% price drop. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Spot On Chain’s analysis revealed a worrying pattern. In the past 15 days, this whale executed two significant PEPE trades, resulting in a total loss of $717,000, or roughly 4% of their investment. Even more concerning, a staggering 69% of this whale’s PEPE trades have demonstrably caused a drastic drop in the token’s market value.

Market in Turmoil: Whale a Disruptor, Not a Savior?

This whale’s activity has sparked heated debate among crypto enthusiasts and analysts. The sheer volume of PEPE tokens involved highlights the immense influence major traders wield over the market. The recent 6% price swing is a stark reminder of the volatility that a single player’s actions can introduce.

Spot On Chain’s research goes beyond the immediate trades. Their data suggests that the whale’s attempts to recoup losses have become a catalyst for market disruption. Offloading large amounts of PEPE triggers immediate price declines, creating a vicious cycle of volatility that keeps investors on edge.

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Investor Reactions: A Mixed Bag

The revelations have drawn mixed reactions from the market. Some fear the whale was previously acting as a stabilizing force for PEPE’s price, while others see it as an opportunity to buy the dip. Regardless of perspective, Spot On Chain’s data underscores the undeniable influence major traders have on shaping market behavior.

The PEPE market’s future will likely continue to involve big players like the 0x1a2 multi-sig address. However, Spot On Chain’s discoveries shed light on the complex relationship between whale movements and market volatility, offering valuable insights for cryptocurrency traders navigating this ever-evolving landscape.

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