UNKJD Soccer Game Goes Live as Brazil Becomes First Mobile Market

Tel Aviv, Israel, February 20th, 2024, Chainwire

UNKJD Studios has announced the Brazilian launch of its first mobile game, UNKJD Soccer. The culmination of two years of meticulous development and beta testing, the soccer game combines strategy with on-field excitement.

The launch of UNKJD Soccer will make Brazil the first market to access the game’s innovative features that made its beta such a success with players. With 57% user retention and over an hour of average daily playtime, UNKJD Soccer exceeds industry averages and has all the hallmarks of a hit.

The official release of UNKJD Soccer incorporates numerous new and improved features. These include Simultaneous Play, which has been optimized to allow all characters to act simultaneously, creating a more dynamic and realistic experience. UI/UX enhancements have also been made, resulting in a streamlined interface that reduces unnecessary interactions.

Another new feature is Dynamic Camera Movements, designed to mimic the feel of a live soccer broadcast. This enhances the game’s immersiveness, while further improvements in game performance ensure a fast and smooth experience. New content includes Skillz that are assigned to each Baller, enriching gameplay and adding thrilling personalized moments to matches.

UNKJD CEO Tal Friedman said: “Our central challenge with UNKJD Soccer was to convert the traditional turn-based board game format into an exhilarating, fast-paced soccer match. Since our initial prototype at the Solana event in Lisbon, we’ve implemented significant changes. These are embodied in the Brazilian release of UNKJD Soccer, which brings exciting gameplay to one of the world’s largest soccer markets.” 

The game’s rich features include leagues and tournaments for player progression and competition, Daily Drillz and Missions for skill-based rewards, and a Team Management feature that adds strategic depth. Players can assemble, upgrade, and strategically manage their teams for competitive advantage.

The launch of UNKJD Soccer in Brazil is the first step in a major global expansion campaign for 2024. The studio plans to roll out innovative game modes and a strategic user acquisition initiative, transforming UNKJD Soccer into the preeminent mobile strategy game of its kind.

About UNKJD Studios

Formed by a collaboration of industry experts from Playtika, Coti, and Disney, UNKJD Studios creates innovative mobile games that are enhanced by web3 technology. A focus on playability and user experience ensure that UNKJD Studios titles keep users returning while rewarding regular play through powerful in-game economies.

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