TON and Telegram: Uniting for a Web3 Revolution


In a groundbreaking announcement at the TOKEN2049 conference in Singapore, The Open Network Foundation and Telegram set a new course for the future. This monumental collaboration marks a historical moment, with far-reaching implications for Web3.

A Pioneering Partnership

The TON Community and Telegram are teaming up to integrate TON’s powerful capabilities into the popular messaging platform with a staggering 800 million monthly active users. This partnership is set to usher in a new era of Web3 and redefine the user experience.

The Open Network

Empowering the TON Community

Telegram will enable TON Space, a self-custody Web3 wallet, for its vast user base. With TON Space, users can take control of their private keys and assets, eliminating the need for intermediaries. It’s a game-changer for Web3.

TON Space: Your All-in-One Wallet

The launch of TON Space within Telegram’s interface brings convenience to the next level. Users can send, receive, store, and manage their assets without leaving Telegram. The standout feature of TON Space is its non-custodial nature, putting users in charge of their digital wealth.

A Global Rollout

Starting in November, TON Space will become the default wallet for Telegram’s 800 million monthly active users, except for specific regions. This bold step aligns with the TON Community’s mission to make crypto accessible to everyone, putting it in every pocket.

Beyond Cryptocurrencies: NFT Support

TON Space goes further by enabling the transfer and display of NFT collectibles, making it a comprehensive wallet for both cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Bridging Two Worlds

Web3 represents a shift towards decentralized control and peer-to-peer interactions, but it has faced challenges in reaching mainstream users. TON is changing the game by providing easy-to-use tools and a reliable infrastructure.

The Telegram Advantage

Telegram’s open platform approach, accommodating third-party builders and mini apps, makes it the ideal environment for building a Web3 ecosystem. With over 800 million monthly active users, Telegram’s user base dwarfs the current Web3 user count, promising a massive boost in crypto adoption.

Towards a Global Web3 SuperApp

The integration of TON and Telegram sets the stage for a Web3 SuperApp. It aims to empower users with digital property rights, currency, free markets, and communication infrastructure in a decentralized digital nation accessible by all and resistant to censorship.

The Power of Ownership

This collaboration signifies a monumental shift, putting ownership of the internet within reach for billions. It’s about more than convenience; it’s about rewriting how we interact and transact online.

Join the Revolution

The TON Community aims to welcome 30% of Telegram users into its fold by 2028, heralding a transformative moment in the crypto realm. The question is not if but when these ambitions will be realized.

Come, join The Open Network Community and embrace this thrilling new era where digital identities gain sovereignty, and Web3 integrates into millions’ daily lives. The Web3 future is not just a concept; it’s an enduring reality.

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