Terra Luna Classic Soars on Upgrade Approval and Exchange Listing (Price Up 50% in 30 Days)

Terra Lunc Classic

Terra Luna Classic (LUNC), a well-established blockchain network, is experiencing a resurgence of interest following the unanimous approval of its v2.4.2 upgrade proposal. This critical development paves the way for exciting new functionalities and paves the path for a potentially thriving ecosystem.

Unanimous Vote Ushers in New Era for Terra Luna Classic

The v2.4.2 upgrade proposal, designed to introduce IBC-Hooks, has garnered overwhelming support from both validators and community members. Key validators like Allnodes, Orion, and Stakely have all thrown their weight behind the proposal, signifying a unified vision for the future of Terra Luna Classic.

Scheduled for March 25th, the upgrade is set to unlock a wave of possibilities. By enabling IBC-Hooks, the network facilitates the seamless integration of decentralized applications (dApps), fostering a more robust and versatile ecosystem. This unanimous approval underscores the community’s unwavering commitment to propelling Terra Luna Classic towards continued growth and development.

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Market Responds Positively to Upgrade and Listing News

Coinciding with the successful upgrade proposal, Singaporean crypto exchange WEEX has announced the listing of LUNC spot and futures pairs. This move opens doors for traders, allowing them to participate in LUNC/USDT futures and spot trading starting March 11th.

Unsurprisingly, the market has reacted favorably to this news. The LUNC token has witnessed a noteworthy 50% price increase over the past one month, currently trading at $0.0001738  . While a slight dip in trading volume occurred over the past 24 hours, overall sentiment remains optimistic. Investors are eagerly anticipating the v2.4.2 upgrade and its potential to revitalize the ecosystem.

The price of USTC, another token within the Terra Luna Classic ecosystem, has also experienced a 2% rise in the last 24 hours. With rising trading volume, the broader Terra Luna Classic ecosystem appears poised for a period of significant growth and expansion.

A Brighter Future for Terra Luna Classic

The unanimous passage of the v2.4.2 upgrade proposal serves as a landmark achievement for the Terra Luna Classic community. This decisive move signifies their unwavering dedication to innovation and progress. With the introduction of new features and increased trading opportunities on the horizon, the future of Terra Luna Classic and its vibrant ecosystem appears bright.

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