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Terra Classic (LUNC): Can It Overcome $0.000137 Resistance After 53.6% Rally?

The crypto market’s recent volatility has caught up with Terra Classic (LUNC), prompting questions about its future trajectory. While a bullish February saw the altcoin climb 53.6%, a recent stall near the $0.000137 resistance hints at a possible pullback. But is this a buying opportunity in disguise?

A Reversal on the Horizon?

Technical analysis suggests a potential correction, with overhead pressure pushing LUNC towards the $0.00011 support level. This 18% dip could be fueled by a broader market correction, mirroring Bitcoin’s struggle to breach the $52,000 barrier.


However, a closer look at the daily chart reveals a glimmer of hope. The faint outline of an inverted head and shoulders pattern, a classic bullish reversal, suggests a potential rebound after a retracement. This scenario could see LUNC test the $0.000122-$0.00011 support zone, presenting an entry opportunity for savvy traders.

Waiting for Confirmation: Key Levels and Indicators

Patience remains crucial. A breakout above the $0.000137 resistance is necessary to confirm the inverted head and shoulders pattern and unleash a potential surge towards $0.000184. Until then, observe these key technical indicators:

Average Directional Index (ADX): The current 32% slope indicates potential buyer exhaustion, suggesting a pullback to regain momentum.

Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs): The daily EMAs (20, 50, 100, and 200) are aligned, reflecting a recent shift towards bullish sentiment.

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The Bottom Line: Opportunity in the Downturn?

While a short-term pullback seems likely, the potential inverted head and shoulders pattern paints a promising long-term picture. Investors seeking entry points should watch for a breakout above the $0.000137 resistance and confirmation of the bullish reversal pattern. Remember, patience and thorough analysis are key in navigating the ever-volatile crypto market.

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