Solana Soars Above XRP, Claiming Crypto Top Five: Airdrops, Memes, and Mobile Mania Fuel the Rise


Solana (SOL) has surged past Ripple’s XRP in market capitalization, securing a coveted spot among the top five cryptocurrencies. This remarkable climb, fueled by a combination of airdrop frenzy, memecoin mania, and even a controversial smartphone saga, paints a picture of a blockchain ecosystem bursting with activity and investor excitement.

Surpassing the Titans:

On December 20th, SOL’s price jumped over 8%, exceeding $80 and achieving a new 2023 high. This surge propelled its market cap beyond $34 billion, marking the first time since April 2022 that SOL has crossed this threshold. Now, only Binance’s BNB, Tether’s USDT, Ethereum, and Bitcoin boast larger market caps, solidifying Solana’s position among the crypto elite.

On-Chain Activity and DEX Dominance:

Beyond the price action, Solana’s internal metrics are equally impressive. On-chain activity has skyrocketed in recent months, with decentralized exchange (DEX) trading volume exceeding even the mighty Ethereum. According to DeFiLlama, Solana DEX volume crossed $1.26 billion in 24 hours, compared to Ethereum’s $1.17 billion. This dominance in the DEX space signifies a growing preference for Solana’s fast transaction speeds and lower fees among DeFi enthusiasts.

Source : DefiLama

Airdrop Frenzy and Memecoin Mania:

Solana’s ecosystem has been a hotbed of airdrops and memecoin activity, further fueling its ascent. High-profile airdrops like Jito, which rewarded some users with five-figure sums, and memecoin mania driven by canine-themed tokens like Bonk (BONK) have attracted significant investor interest and contributed to a vibrant, community-driven atmosphere.

Saga: A Phone with a Price Tag (and Free Bonk!)

Solana’s foray into the hardware world with the Saga smartphone, despite receiving mixed reviews, has also generated buzz. The device, initially priced at $600, soared to a staggering $5,000 at its peak after users discovered free BONK tokens airdropped to owners. This unexpected windfall added another layer of intrigue to the Solana story and fueled speculation about potential future airdrops during the anticipated 2024 bull market cycle.

Eyes on Jupiter and Beyond:

With the success of previous airdrops still fresh in their minds, SOL enthusiasts are now eagerly awaiting Jupiter’s airdrop, confirmed for January. This upcoming event promises to further boost Solana’s momentum and attract even more participants to its rapidly growing ecosystem.

Solana’s recent surge highlights the power of community, innovation, and a touch of meme magic. As the blockchain prepares for what could be a transformative 2024, one thing is certain: Solana’s journey to the top is far from over.

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