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Solana Network Fix + No More FTX Sell-Off: Can SOL Price Break Through $200 Again?

Solana (SOL), known for its volatile price swings, is experiencing another dip. The token’s price currently sits at $165.94, down 1.92% from its 24-hour high of $180.17. While this drop suggests a bearish trend, a closer look reveals a potential bullish undercurrent.

The key indicator here is Solana’s Open Interest (OI), which tracks the total value of outstanding derivative contracts. According to Coinalyze data, Solana’s OI has risen 2.37% in the past 24 hours, reaching a staggering $2 billion. This significant increase suggests that despite the price drop, the derivatives market remains bullish on SOL.

FTX Estate Sell-Off Ends, Removing a Bearish Cloud

Adding to the bullish narrative is the recent news reported by Bloomberg – the FTX Estate has concluded its Solana sales. This is a critical development as the bankrupt exchange’s selling pressure was a major factor suppressing the price.

FTX, once a major holder of Solana and other altcoins, sought ways to repay creditors after its collapse. The estate received approval to auction these tokens, with firms like Pantera capitalizing on these sales.

With the FTX sell-off concerns alleviated, analysts believe Solana can now experience price discovery based on genuine market forces of supply and demand. This could lead to a significant upside for the token, which many consider undervalued.

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Solana Network Improvements and ETF Prospects Pave the Way for $200 Retest

Solana has actively addressed network congestion issues by deploying fixes on the mainnet in recent months. This, coupled with the bullish Open Interest data and positive ETF projections, provides a strong foundation for Solana to potentially retest the $200 mark in the medium term.

The Verdict: A Volatile Ride with Potential for Takeoff

Solana’s current price dip might appear concerning, but the underlying market sentiment seems optimistic. With the FTX sales chapter closed and network improvements implemented, SOL could be primed for a comeback driven by natural market forces and bullish ETF expectations. However, investors should be prepared for Solana’s characteristic volatility as it navigates this potential price recovery.

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