Prosecutors Accused of Exaggerating Bankman-Fried’s Defense Access

Lawyers for FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried have accused prosecutors of exaggerating the amount of access he has to defense material.

In a memo filed late Friday, defense attorney Mark Cohen said that Bankman-Fried continues to lack decent internet access when produced to a cell block at the Southern District of New York courthouse, and has not had anywhere near the amount of air-gapped computer access that the Department of Justice has said he would have.

“The government has repeatedly represented to the court that Mr. Bankman-Fried has had ‘unfettered access’ to defense materials,” Cohen wrote. “This is simply not true.”

What is air-gapped computer access?

Air-gapped computer access is a security measure that prevents a computer from being connected to the internet. This is done to protect the computer from malware and other security threats.

In the case of Bankman-Fried, his air-gapped computer is connected to a network that is isolated from the internet. This means that he can only access files that are stored on the network.

What are the implications of this?

The implications of Bankman-Fried’s limited access to defense material are significant. He is unable to access online resources, such as legal research databases and email, which are essential for preparing his defense.

This could make it difficult for him to build a strong case and could even lead to a conviction.

What is the government’s response?

The government has not yet responded to the memo filed by Bankman-Fried’s lawyers. However, in a previous filing, prosecutors said that they are “committed to providing Mr. Bankman-Fried with the access he needs to prepare his defense.”

What is the next step?

The next step in the case is for the government to respond to the memo filed by Bankman-Fried’s lawyers. Once the government has responded, the court will decide whether to grant Bankman-Fried’s request for increased access to defense material.

The case is still in its early stages, and it is unclear how the issue of Bankman-Fried’s access to defense material will be resolved. However, the memo filed by his lawyers is a sign that they are willing to fight for his rights.

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What are the implications for other defendants?

The implications of this case for other defendants are significant. If Bankman-Fried is successful in his request for increased access to defense material, it could set a precedent for other defendants who are facing similar restrictions.

This could make it easier for defendants to prepare their cases and could even lead to fewer convictions.

The case is being closely watched by legal experts and could have a significant impact on the rights of defendants in criminal cases.

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