Pi Network’s Exciting Roadmap


Pi Network enthusiasts, rejoice! The Pi Core Team has released a milestone-based roadmap for the project, and it’s coming in two versions. The first version, set to drop in mid to late October, will focus on past and current milestones. The second version, following suit in December, will expand on the roadmap to include future milestones for the current Enclosed Network period of Mainnet.

What to Expect from the Roadmap

The Pi Network roadmap is a must-read for Pioneers and developers alike. It provides a transparent look into the project’s progress and plans, helping everyone make informed decisions about their involvement.

Pioneers can expect to gain a better understanding of where the project has come from and where it’s headed. This information can be used to make informed decisions about their role in the Pi Network community.

Developers can benefit from the roadmap by aligning their projects with the grand vision of the Pi Network ecosystem. This can help them to develop successful projects that meet the needs of the Pi Network community.

Key Features and Benefits of the Pi Network Roadmap

  • Transparency: The Pi Network roadmap is one of the most transparent roadmaps in the cryptocurrency industry. It provides a detailed overview of the project’s progress, plans, and milestones.
  • Comprehensiveness: The Pi Network roadmap is comprehensive, covering all aspects of the project, from past accomplishments to future goals.
  • Actionability: The Pi Network roadmap is actionable, providing Pioneers and developers with clear information on how they can get involved and contribute to the project’s success.

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The Pi Network roadmap is a game-changer for the project. It demonstrates the Pi Core Team’s commitment to transparency, community engagement, and building a strong ecosystem. Pioneers and developers should be excited about the roadmap and the opportunities it presents.

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