Kroll Data Breach Compromises Data of FTX and BlockFi Customers

  • Personal data of FTX and BlockFi customers compromised in Kroll hack.
  • Kroll, a third-party claims agent, says it was notified of the breach on August 23.
  • Customers of FTX and BlockFi should monitor their accounts for any unauthorized activity.

FTX and BlockFi, two major cryptocurrency exchanges, have announced that the personal data of some of their customers has been compromised in a data breach at Kroll, a third-party claims agent that is managing creditor claims for bankrupt companies.

The data that was compromised includes names, addresses, email addresses, and FTX account balances for some customers of FTX who were involved in the bankruptcy case of Three Arrows Capital, a crypto hedge fund that filed for bankruptcy in July. The data for BlockFi customers was not as extensive, and only included names, email addresses, and phone numbers.

Kroll said that it was notified of the breach on August 23, and that it immediately secured the affected account and launched an investigation. The company said that it is taking steps to notify the affected customers and that it is working with law enforcement.

FTX and BlockFi said that they are working with Kroll to investigate the breach and that they are taking steps to protect their customers’ data. They also said that they are offering affected customers free credit monitoring and identity theft protection.

These data breaches highlight the need for cryptocurrency companies to take steps to protect their customers’ data. Companies should implement strong security measures, such as multi-factor authentication, and they should regularly monitor their systems for vulnerabilities.

Customers should also be aware of the risks of using cryptocurrency exchanges and should take steps to protect their own data, such as using strong passwords and enabling two-factor authentication.

If you are a customer of FTX or BlockFi, you should monitor your accounts for any unauthorized activity and report any suspicious activity to the company immediately. You should also consider enrolling in the free credit monitoring and identity theft protection that the companies are offering.

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