Jellyverse Launches DeFi 3.0 Tools on Sei Blockchain

Vaduz, Liechtenstein, June 10th, 2024, Chainwire

Jellyverse, a community-driven DeFi platform, has announced the launch of its Jellyverse ecosystem and their decentralized exchange (DEX) JellySwap, serving as Balancer’s official representative on the Sei blockchain. The platform includes its ‘JellySwap’ DEX, ‘JellyStake’ staking solution, and a synthetics protocol called ‘jAssets’.

The platform integrates DeFi tools, and introduces DeFi 3.0 through jAssets, creating new ways of diversifying portfolios. New protocols include JellySwap, a Balancer friendly-fork, which will feature ‘WeightedPools’, supporting up to eight different tokens, and ‘composable stable pools’ enabling users to customize investment ratios with up to five tokens per pool. JellyStake staking protocol engages the community in governance, rewarding stakers with protocol revenues. jAssets, a synthetics protocol, allows for creation of tokens following price feeds of Real-world assets, ranging from stocks to commodities. 

To mark the creation of Jellyverse, the platform is holding its inaugural Pool Party event. The token offering event is leveraging a unique method for the community to get Jelly Tokens ($JLY). Starting on June 11th at 12pm UTC and lasting for 96 hours, or until tokens run out, members can buy JLY with SEI tokens, the SEI tokens are then pooled with additional JLY to create initial pool liquidity.

“Our mission is to redefine DeFi by connecting it with real-world assets, ensuring robust and sustainable growth regardless of market trends,” said Santiago Sabater, Co-Founder at Jelly Labs AG. “With the capabilities of JellySwap in combination with jAssets, Jellyverse stands to provide a new industry standard of enhanced portfolio diversification within the crypto space.”

“With limited resources to explore cross-chain expansion, Balancer decided to consider friendly fork proposals as an alternative way to expand our technology in the rapidly growing chain-verse,” said Tritium, Balancer Maxi and Head of DevOps. “The Jellyverse team was proactive, and through our shared connections with the SEI Foundation, they will be the first in this cycle to launch a friendly fork.”

About Jellyverse

Jellyverse is a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem, combining a decentralized exchange (DEX), staking, and synthetics protocol. Governed by its community through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), Jellyverse focuses on the next iteration of DeFi, commonly referred to as DeFi 3.0, aiming to create a sustainable, yield-oriented landscape that integrates protocols with real-world price feeds. The platform offers various utilities designed to meet a wide range of financial needs, all governed by its native token, JLY. 


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