From “Woke” to “Republican”: Desperate PR Ideas Revealed in Bankman-Fried’s Sentencing Plea


Disgraced crypto entrepreneur Sam Bankman-Fried faces a potential 50-year prison sentence, and newly released documents reveal a series of bizarre PR tactics he considered to salvage his public image. Prosecutors presented these documents as evidence to support their harsh sentencing recommendation.

The document, a Google Doc seemingly authored by Bankman-Fried himself, outlines a desperate scramble for media redemption. He acknowledges these ideas as “random probably bad ideas that aren’t vetted,” yet they paint a picture of an individual more concerned with self-preservation than accountability.

A Gimmick-Fueled Defense Strategy

The ideas range from the politically charged to the deeply personal. Bankman-Fried contemplated a surprise appearance on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson show, positioning himself as a Republican and “extremely pro-crypto” figure. He envisioned himself attacking “the woke agenda” and blaming rival exchange Binance for his downfall. Interestingly, this strategy directly contradicts the legal ruling barring him from portraying himself as a victim during his trial.

Beyond Tucker Carlson, A Media Blitz Gone Wrong

Bankman-Fried didn’t stop at Carlson. A separate document mentions potential interviews with journalists like Matt Levine of Bloomberg and Michael Lewis, author of “Going Infinite,” a book chronicling Bankman-Fried’s rise and fall. He even compiled a list of potentially sympathetic media personalities.

Another head-scratching idea involves discussing his use of antidepressants. The Doc simply reads “Send this EmSam tweet thread,” referencing his medication and linking to an unseen document.

Polls and “True Narratives”: A Glimmer of Self-Awareness?

The final two ideas hint at a sliver of self-awareness. One suggests a Twitter poll asking followers for advice, while the other mentions promoting “true narratives.” However, the sincerity of these tactics remains questionable.

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A Steep Climb from Desperation

Bankman-Fried’s sentencing is set for March 28th. While prosecutors argue for a 50-year sentence, his defense proposes a significantly lighter term of 63 to 78 months. These PR tactics, however, may work against him, showcasing a lack of remorse and a desperate desire to manipulate public perception.

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