Floki Sets its Sights on Shiba Inu’s Throne: Unveils Ambitious 2023 Roadmap


In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, new contenders are constantly emerging to challenge the established players. One such contender is Floki Inu FLOKI), a token that has been gaining significant traction as a potential rival to the popular SHIB token. In a recent development, the Floki team has unveiled its highly-anticipated 2023 roadmap update,

The roadmap introduces a series of significant upgrades, including the highly-anticipated “FlokiFi Locker” and major integrations with DeFi lending protocols. Additionally, the team is working on enhancing the user experience, preparing for the launch of Valhalla on the mainnet, and addressing bug checks. The positive market response reflects both the excitement surrounding Floki’s developments and the recent surge of Bitcoin, which has uplifted the entire crypto market.

FlokiFi Locker Upgrade to Drive Adoption

The most significant upgrade mentioned in Floki’s roadmap is the “FlokiFi Locker.” This upgrade will enable the implementation of native payments, burn mechanisms, a referral program, and other functionalities. Described as the “biggest upgrade” for Floki Locker, it is expected to accelerate the adoption of the protocol. The team has submitted the upgrade’s code to Certik, a blockchain security auditor, for review. With the green light expected imminently, the FlokiFi Locker upgrade will soon be launched on the mainnet.

Major DeFi Lending and Borrowing Integration

Floki’s roadmap also highlights a major integration with a prominent lending protocol on the Binance Smart Chain (BNB). This integration positions Floki as the second-largest DeFi protocol on the entire BNB chain. Once implemented, Floki users will have the ability to borrow stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies using their FLOKI tokens. The team anticipates this integration to commence as early as next week, providing users with expanded financial opportunities.

Staking Feature and User-Friendly Redesign

The Floki team is diligently working on introducing a staking feature for FLOKI token holders. As the team conducts internal bug checks, the staking feature is on the verge of going live. Additionally, FlokiFi is undergoing a redesign to ensure it becomes the most user-friendly locker protocol in the industry. The final bug checks are currently underway, signifying that the enhanced user experience is almost ready to be rolled out.

Valhalla’s Mainnet Launch to Burn FLOKI Tokens:

Apart from the aforementioned upgrades, the Floki team has ambitious plans to release Valhalla on the mainnet this year. Valhalla is a utility product and metaverse game designed to lock away FLOKI tokens from the circulating supply, ultimately reducing their availability and increasing scarcity. The mainnet version of Valhalla will integrate FLOKI with features like Play To Earn, Battle Arenas, and a Chinese version that allows players to profit from crypto interest in China.


Floki’s recent roadmap update has generated significant momentum and excitement within the cryptocurrency community. With its ambitious plans to enhance utility, expand its ecosystem, and embrace community governance, Floki aims to solidify its position as a formidable rival to SHIB and other meme-based tokens. However, as with any investment, it is crucial to approach cryptocurrency with caution and consider the inherent risks associated with this rapidly evolving market.

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