FLOKI Frenzy: Meme Coin Rockets 14% on Revolut Listing, Token Burn Proposal Fuels Optimism


FLOKI, the self-proclaimed “Doge Killer,” is on a tear. The meme coin surged nearly 14% today, fueled by a major listing announcement and a community-driven token burn proposal. This price action underscores the renewed investor frenzy surrounding FLOKI, which has been steadily gaining traction in recent weeks.

Revolut Listing Opens Door to European Businesses

The primary driver behind the current surge appears to be FLOKI’s listing on Revolut Business. Revolut, Europe’s largest neobank and retail trading app, now offers FLOKI to its vast user base of businesses. This move grants businesses across Europe easy access to FLOKI, boosting its visibility and potentially driving adoption.

The Revolut listing adds another feather to FLOKI’s cap, which has already seen significant traction through exchange listings. Notably, FLOKI recently secured a spot on the Thailand arm of Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange. This widens FLOKI’s reach into the lucrative Asian market and underscores its global appeal.

  • Bitpanda Index Inclusion Recognizes FLOKI’s Prominence

Further solidifying its position within the meme coin space, FLOKI was recently included in Bitpanda’s Meme Coin Leaders Index. Bitpanda, a prominent European crypto exchange, curates this index to showcase leading meme coins based on market capitalization. This inclusion not only enhances FLOKI’s visibility but also recognizes its growing importance within the meme coin ecosystem.

Token Burn Proposal Fuels Bullish Sentiment

Adding to the bullish sentiment is a token burn proposal put forward by the Floki DAO, the decentralized autonomous organization governing FLOKI’s development. This proposal aims to permanently remove over 15 billion tokens from circulation. Reducing the overall supply can potentially lead to increased scarcity and higher demand, ultimately driving up the FLOKI price.

Community overwhelmingly supports the burn proposal, with nearly 99.8% of votes cast in favor. Voting commenced on May 14th and remains open until May 16th.

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FLOKI Price & Performance

At the time of writing, FLOKI is riding a wave of positive momentum. The price surged 14.52% to $0.0002192, briefly touching a 24-hour high of $0.0002229. Trading volume also saw a significant increase, jumping over 75% to $886.48 million. This surge extends a strong performance period for FLOKI, with gains exceeding 31% in the last week and 40% in the past month.

With its recent listing on Revolut Business, expanding exchange presence, and community-driven token burn proposal, FLOKI appears poised for continued growth. While the meme coin market remains volatile, FLOKI’s strategic developments and passionate community suggest a bright future for the self-proclaimed “Doge Killer.”

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