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Ether Soars Past $2,400 as Cathie Wood’s Amended Spot ETH ETF Filing Sparks Optimism

The cryptocurrency market witnessed a surge today as Ether (ETH) soared past $2,400, reaching a two-week high. This rally coincides with the amended spot ETH exchange-traded fund (ETF) filing by Ark Invest and 21Shares, igniting hope for faster regulatory approval.

The updated S-1 document submitted to the SEC reveals a key change: a cash creation and redemption mechanism, mirroring the structure of recently approved spot Bitcoin ETFs. This seemingly aligns with the SEC’s preferred approach, potentially paving a smoother path for ETH ETF approval.

“They updated it to be only cash creations and some other things that bring it in line with the recently approved spot BTC ETF prospectus,” noted Eric Balchunas of Bloomberg Intelligence, highlighting the strategic shift.

Furthermore, the amended filing mentions the possibility of staking ETH through trusted third-party providers, suggesting the potential for the fund to generate passive income through staking rewards. This additional feature could further entice investors seeking exposure to ETH without the complexities of direct staking.

The news sent shockwaves through the crypto market, with ETH experiencing a nearly 2% surge within an hour of the announcement ( 5%+ In the last 7 Days ). This bullish momentum propelled ETH above $2,400 for the first time since January 22nd, indicating renewed investor confidence.

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Beyond the Price Spike:

While the broader cryptocurrency market also saw positive movement, ETH outperformed significantly. The CoinDesk 20 (CD20) index, representing the top 20 digital assets, gained only 1.2%, and Bitcoin (BTC) saw a modest 0.4% increase. This selective surge highlights the specific optimism surrounding the potential approval of a spot ETH ETF.

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The amended filing marks a crucial step towards bringing a spot ETH ETF to market, potentially unlocking significant investment opportunities for both institutional and retail investors. While regulatory hurdles remain, the strategic alignment with the SEC’s preferences and the introduction of staking capabilities offer a glimmer of hope for a faster approval process.

This development underscores the growing institutional interest in Ethereum and its potential as a valuable asset class. As the regulatory landscape evolves, the future of a spot ETH ETF remains in flux, but today’s events paint a more optimistic picture for ETH’s long-term prospects.

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