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Crypto Poised for Takeoff: Hedera, Cardano, and Stellar Lead the Charge as ISO 20022 Ushers in New Financial Era

The world of finance is on the cusp of a major transformation. On March 20th, a new global standard known as ISO 20022 will replace the decades-old SWIFT system for financial messaging, paving the way for a potential integration of cryptocurrencies into the mainstream financial landscape.

ISO 20022: A New Language for Financial Communication

Developed to address limitations of the aging SWIFT system, ISO 20022 offers a more secure and efficient way for financial institutions to exchange information. While the transition period offers time for adaptation, a recent report highlights the need for continued efforts: only 63% of large banks anticipate full compliance by November 2024.

Crypto Steps Up to the Plate

Prior to the rise of cryptocurrencies, the limitations of SWIFT largely excluded them from the multi-trillion dollar global financial market. However, ISO 20022 presents a unique opportunity for crypto to finally enter the conversation.

Leading the Charge: Crypto Projects Embrace ISO 20022

Several cryptocurrency projects, including Cardano, Hedera, and Stellar, are actively positioning themselves for this crucial transition. Notably, these projects are among the select few digital assets certified as ISO 20022 compliant.

A Turning Point for Crypto?

For the cryptocurrency industry, ISO 20022 represents a potential turning point. It provides a platform for crypto projects to showcase their capabilities within the established regulatory framework and collaborate with traditional financial institutions. As former US Comptroller Brian Brooks asserts, crypto’s next-level technology holds the potential to solve age-old problems in the financial sector, and embracing ISO 20022 is a critical step in this direction.

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Building Bridges: Collaboration Within the Ecosystem

Within the ISO 20022-compliant crypto space, collaborative efforts are already underway to ensure a smooth transition. Projects like Cheesecake Labs within the Stellar ecosystem are actively bridging the gap between crypto and legacy firms, exploring how Stellar’s blockchain can support their ISO 20022 activities.

The future of finance looks set for a significant shift with the implementation of ISO 20022. As crypto projects like Hedera, Cardano, and Stellar embrace this new standard, the door is opening for them to potentially play a transformative role in the evolving financial landscape.

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