Coinbase Makes a Power Move: VeChain (VET) Added to its Roadmap

In a significant development for both the cryptocurrency industry and the VeChain ecosystem, Coinbase, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has officially added VeChain (VET) to its roadmap. The move highlights the growing recognition and adoption of VeChain’s unique blockchain platform, which aims to revolutionize supply chain management and enterprise solutions.

VeChain, with its proof-of-authority mechanism, has garnered attention for its ability to track goods and data in a transparent and secure manner.

VeChain operates with two native tokens, VET Coin and VeThor. VET Coin facilitates transactions on smart contracts, while VeThor acts as a gas token for VeChain settlements. The listing of VeChain on Coinbase is expected to provide a significant boost to the VET token’s value and visibility.

VeChain’s Inclusion on Coinbase Boosts VET Token’s Potential

VeChain, as outlined on its official website, aims to redefine value, create interconnected ecosystems, foster collective action, enhance trust, and transform businesses for sustainability. The blockchain network primarily focuses on enterprise solutions, making it well-suited for supply chain and logistics applications. Its proof-of-authority framework enables the provision of actionable and transparent information, addressing crucial issues such as counterfeiting and product traceability.

VeChain has already demonstrated its effectiveness in combating counterfeits, playing a pivotal role in Operation Pirates 1, a joint effort by the European Union Intellectual Property Office and fifteen European nations to crack down on counterfeit goods smuggling. The successful operation led to the seizure of counterfeit products worth over €33 million ($36.2 million) in Europe.

To streamline supply chain management, VeChain has formed strategic partnerships with prominent companies such as Renault and PricewaterhouseCoopers. By utilizing QR code scanning, VeChain ensures the traceability of products from production to the point of sale, boosting transparency and consumer confidence. Major corporations have also embraced VeChain for various use cases. BMW, for example, employs the platform to combat odometer fraud, while Walmart utilizes VeChain’s blockchain for enhanced food provenance tracking.

Continuing to foster innovation on its network, VeChain has collaborated with leading dApp analytics firm DappRadar to enhance cross-chain visibility in decentralized applications, further expanding its capabilities.

Recently, VeChain introduced VeWorld, a self-custody and fully decentralized digital wallet, aimed at providing users with an optimal experience.

Coinbase’s decision to add VeChain to its list of supported crypto assets aligns with its goal of building distributed and trustworthy business ecosystems. This move acknowledges the potential and value that VeChain brings to the crypto market, further solidifying its position as a pioneering blockchain project.

In conclusion, Coinbase’s listing of VeChain and VeThor marks a significant milestone for the projects, as they venture into new territory and gain recognition within the crypto community. With their shared focus on revolutionizing goods and data tracking, VeChain and VeThor have the potential to shape the future of supply chain management and enterprise solutions.

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