Circle Rolls Out New Tools to Boost Web3 Development into Hyperspace


Web3 promises a decentralized future, but realizing that vision requires overcoming some stubborn technical and economic barriers. Circle, a lead stablecoin issuer, is now rolling out two new beta tools to help developers build better – Gas Station and Smart Contract Platform.

Gas Station subsidizes the “gas” tab so users of its programmable wallets can fill up free of charge when traveling to web3 destinations. No need to pay exorbitant fuel surcharges just to interact with web3 apps.

This oasis aims to quench one of developers’ biggest headaches – reducing the costs of doing business on the blockchain for themselves and users. While Gas Station is still exclusive, Circle wants to fling open the doors down the road so everyone can drink for free.

At the same time, Circle is also unfurling Smart Contract Platform to simplify building the engines that power web3 vessels. This suite of tools handles all the messy contract work, making it smooth sailing to deploy on Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche and beyond. No more painstaking contract grind.

For web3 developers slammed by treacherous complexities, perilous hacks, fickle users, and speed traps on scaling, these beta buoys from Circle provide some much needed ballast.

While still in testing mode, they demonstrate Circle’s growing commitment to clearing obstacles on developers’ voyage to mass web3 adoption. Because at the end of the day, builders need all the help they can get navigating the long journey ahead through still uncharted waters.


Circle’s launch of Gas Station and Smart Contract Platform is a positive development for the web3 ecosystem. By making it easier and more cost-effective to interact with blockchains and smart contracts, Circle’s new tools can help to accelerate the adoption of web3 technology.

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